Out of Reach

She walks down the aisle with such beauty and grace
Your heartbeat quickens as you gaze into her lovely face
Tears well in your eyes and hers do the same
When you think of real love, you think of her name

I am not the one who is the keeper of your heart
For you and I there is no “till death do us part”
Years, decades go by… it never fades.
Memories open scars like the sharpest of blades

Seems the heart always wants what is just out of reach.
Love can learn and love can teach.
Don’t ever forget how much we both cared.
I will always hold onto the love that we shared.

Saying goodbye to dreams of a past life
Opening the door to your future with your beautiful wife
We aren’t in the cards; we were not meant to be
Spread your wings and fly and be free!
-July 2009


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