Trust No One

She’s incredibly stupid.

She’s ridiculously naive.

She actually believed him.

She really thought he wouldn’t leave.

He said, “I didn’t mean it, baby.”

Something she’d heard before.

She will swallow up his lies again.

She doesn’t deserve anything more.

She knows she can trust NO ONE.

She knows they are all the same.

She will submit again this time.

She will play his game.

She wonders what else there might be out there.

She cries out and no one hears.

She is pleading for acceptance.

Her words fall on deafened ears.

She questions everything she knows.

She challenges her every belief.

It’s a wicked, sick and twisted cycle

For only God offers relief.

She can see Him in the distance.

He tells her that He loves her

More than any man ever can or ever will.

And when she comes back from doubting Him.

He will be here for her still.

He says, “I know your heart is breaking.”

“Just remember what you’ve always known.”

“Always trust in me, my child…”

“And you will NEVER be alone.”

November 2006


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