I genuinely love all of the curves of my body

Even the ones I used to look at and cry

Now I see myself and I love every inch

Forget the days of asking “Why?”

My face is full, round and rosy

I have rolls on my arms and cascading down my side

My ample belly jiggles and sways

I know my bounty is nothing to hide

We live in a world starving for perfection

People see me and think I am a freak

I’d rather be abnormal than ignorant and intolerant

I refuse to be dejected and meek

You won’t hear any apologies from me

Not for being who I am

You say whatever you want to say

I really don’t give a damn

Feel free to harbor malice toward me for being different

If you think that will make you feel better about your own inadequacies

Hope you get to feeling better soon

Because hatred is a disease

I’m making the best of life, curves and all

I am happy with the body God gave me

Shove your idealism where the sun doesn’t shine

God is the only one who can save me



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