What Should I Call This, Please?

Will you get my shoes out of that crevice, please?
I seem to have lost bits and pieces of my memory
Can you help me find them?
Sometimes, when I wake up or go to sleep early in the morning, I watch the sunrise
Have you ever listened to the birds chirping at dawn?
I used to have a good friend named Dawn
We’ve lost touch
Do you ever wonder what happens to sounds after they’ve been heard?
Do they go somewhere, or merely cease to exist?
Where do amoebas go when they die?
What’s the deal with censorship anyway?
Isn’t that an oxymoron to freedom of expression?
How can some people think it’s alright to torture animals, when they so clearly have such human-like emotions?
Some people think they know everything
Doesn’t that just prove that they know nothing at all?
-August 1999


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