Curl Up in a Song

If you know me well at all then you probably know that I get obsessed with lots of things, one of which being particular songs. I don’t do it nearly as often now, but when I was younger I used to like to put on whatever song I was really feeling at the moment and listen to it on repeat for hours on end. When lyrics really speak to me I guess sometimes I just want to curl up in a song and stay there awhile.


The Beautiful Fairy of the Wizard of Oz

I was going through one of my old memory boxes a couple days ago and found another story that I told to my kindergarten teacher and she wrote down for me. This story was also written on October 7, 1987 and is called…

The Beautiful Fairy of the Wizard of Oz

One day there was a beautiful thing in the sky and people said, “Is it a bird? A castle? Or a white butterfly?” It landed in the garden and they said, “Oh my gosh! It’s a fairy!” She had a pet butterfly, and then the butterfly flew and bit them in the stomach. The fairy told  her, “Be nice, Sasha.” And then the butterfly said, “I’m sorry.” And everybody was surprised and said, “She is talking!” And then the wives came out of the castle and said, “Oh, I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming! I must go back to bed!”

The end.

Fun With Friends


As of Friday, June 3rd, 2011, I am officially a single woman once again. My divorce is final. It’s nice to have that process behind me. In other news, I got another 5 lb star at Weight Watchers on Sunday! My total loss from my highest weight is… drumroll, please… 160 pounds!!! Woohooo!!!

D, Don, Mike and I have been having tons of fun playing board and card games out on the back porch lately. Our two favorite and most played games are Uno Attack and Apples to Apples. Whenever we play Apples to Apples, we always say that whatever green cards each person gets are words that describe them. We played Monopoly one night and I totally dominated!  🙂

One afternoon D and I played a game of Scrabble and then over the last couple of nights we’ve been at a game of Trivial Pursuit: The 90’s, which is still set up on the table out back to be finished tomorrow. D is bound to win because she has all of her “pie” pieces and just has to answer the center question right. I, on the other hand, am still missing 2 pieces of my pie!

My Apples to Apples hand from the other night...

My Monopoly

Trivial Pursuit: The 90's









The Pelican Falls in the Trap of the Mean Bird

I dictated this story to my kindergarten teacher at the age of five, on October 7, 1987.

“The Pelican Falls in the Trap of the Mean Bird”

One day there was a bird. A fox came and tried to fly up into the air, catch the bird, and eat it. And then the mother bird came and smacked the fox in the face and carried the nest with the baby to another tree. The fox was dizzy and said, “What happened?” And then a pelican came and saw a frog in the pond and tried to eat it. But… there was a bomb! Then, the bird came and said, “I know it’s not a frog. It’s a bomb. My uncle Seena put it there so he could eat all the pelicans.” Then a caterpillar jumped out of his hole and said, “Rahla! It looks as if there is a fire because I see orange flames coming out of the forest.” But then the bomb grew bigger and bigger and bigger and went “Vroom!” The pelican blew into pieces because the bomb was in it’s mouth when it exploded.

The end.

Livin’ It Up!

Getting My Hair Cut

Having the back patio re-decorated is like having a new addition on my house. My friends and I have been spending countless hours talking, laughing and playing games out there. Tonight Crystal came over and gave D, Chris and me haircuts, out on the porch, of course.

Last night Dennis N. came over and brought stuff to make yummy,  fruity drinks. His wife Brandy was at a bachelorette party so Dennis figured he’d come over here and have a few drinks.

D's Temporary Mullet

A few drinks turned into several pitchers of delicious, icy beverages that consisted of vanilla rum, vodka, fresh strawberries, lemonade and Welch’s frozen strawberry juice. Dennis and I were already rather tipsy after our first pitcher. That didn’t stop us from making more drinks, however. Mike showed up later in the evening and joined in the festivities. Needless to say, fun was had by all!  🙂

Gone with the Wind Tea

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Scarlett O’Hara in the flesh. There was no time traveling involved, except, perhaps, in the imaginations of dozens of women sharing an enchanted afternoon at Miss Spenser’s Special-Teas.

The tea of the day, “Southern Peach”, was both delicious and fitting for today’s “Gone with the Wind” themed high tea. I decided to be “good” today and used Splenda instead of my usual 2 sugar cubes per cup. It turns out the tea is just as tasty either way, and I still get to use the tiny spoons! Success!

Miss Spenser portrayed the character Scarlett O’Hara with perfect southern charm. She spoke of her love for Ashley Wilkes and her agenda to snatch him away from his fiance. Different quotes from the movie laid next to each place setting and random “GWTW” memorabilia was scattered around the tearoom.

As usual, today’s menu was a delight. The dainty feast started out with “Tara’s Fields of Green Salad”. Next came “Twelve Oaks BBQ Chicken & Slaw” in little filo shells. The third course, one of my personal favorites, was a “Southern Artichoke Toast Point”, followed by my other favorite, “Ellen’s Cucumber Tea Sandwich”. We finished off the bottom of our 3 tiered tray with “Big Sam’s Sweet Potato Biscuit & Country Ham” with cream cheese and apricot jam.

“‘I love you, Ashley’ Scones” with a slight hint of almond adorned the top of our trays and were scrumptious with clotted cream and pear preserves. Next we got started on the middle tier, the desserts. First were “Aunty Pitty Pat’s Pistachio Bites” followed by “Scarlett’s Shortbread Cookies” and finally “Rhett’s Pecan Pie Bars”.

Not surprisingly, fun was had by all. High tea at Miss Spenser’s is always a treat that leaves us wanting more. Today as we left the tearoom to do a bit of thrift shopping, we were already making plans for our next teatime adventure!