A Method to the Madness

Twelve years ago this evening, Laura came and picked me up from my college dorm across town. It was my fifth night away from home and I was already terribly homesick… I was always a mama’s girl. My mom was feeling it too. She had told me the night that I moved into the dormitory that, when she had dropped me and all of my things off there earlier that day, she felt a pang in her chest as she drove away. She had been feeling really sick since then and was having a lot of trouble breathing. From the way she had described feeling to me over the phone, my first thought was that she had pneumonia. She called her doctor and he called in a script for an inhaler but it wasn’t helping much. So, Laura and I paid her a visit and brought over some supper. I was worried sick about my mom… but had no idea it would be the last time I would ever see her alive.

I have been feeling rather off all day today and couldn’t quite put my finger on what was going on. Once I got home from having my sutures removed in Iowa City and began to relax it dawned on me that twelve years ago today was the last time I saw my mom alive… and in the wee hours of tomorrow morning it will have been twelve long years since she’s been gone from this world. I feel a bit better knowing that at least there is a method to the madness.


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