My Mojo

Ok, here is the scenario. You divulge to a group of friends that you think someone is cute. They basically say that if you don’t go and talk to him, they will. You go and spit out some really smooth game (NOT) and quietly walk away. Oh yeah, baby. Who has two thumbs and tons of mojo? This chick!!!  😉

The times in my life where I have actually met a man in person and then dated him are very few. I tend to be the girl who can be pretty outgoing and open online, but quite the opposite in person. It is hard to keep in mind that I look so much different now than I used to. I still find myself wanting to crawl into a hole every time I am out in public. Instead, I put a smile on my face and pretend that I am as comfortable being there as anyone else. It’s strange, but it seems like the more I pretend I am confident, the more confident I actually become.

I have spent my entire life being afraid of making a fool out of myself (probably because I am exceptionally good at it!). As I have gotten older, I have realized more and more that I really need to take myself a lot less seriously. Behind closed doors and with close friends and family I am a complete and total dork (and proud of it!). So, what I ask myself is, why do I try so hard to be “acceptable” to everyone? What if I don’t really want to be normal?  🙂


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