The Pelican Falls in the Trap of the Mean Bird

I dictated this story to my kindergarten teacher at the age of five, on October 7, 1987.

“The Pelican Falls in the Trap of the Mean Bird”

One day there was a bird. A fox came and tried to fly up into the air, catch the bird, and eat it. And then the mother bird came and smacked the fox in the face and carried the nest with the baby to another tree. The fox was dizzy and said, “What happened?” And then a pelican came and saw a frog in the pond and tried to eat it. But… there was a bomb! Then, the bird came and said, “I know it’s not a frog. It’s a bomb. My uncle Seena put it there so he could eat all the pelicans.” Then a caterpillar jumped out of his hole and said, “Rahla! It looks as if there is a fire because I see orange flames coming out of the forest.” But then the bomb grew bigger and bigger and bigger and went “Vroom!” The pelican blew into pieces because the bomb was in it’s mouth when it exploded.

The end.


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