Livin’ It Up!

Getting My Hair Cut

Having the back patio re-decorated is like having a new addition on my house. My friends and I have been spending countless hours talking, laughing and playing games out there. Tonight Crystal came over and gave D, Chris and me haircuts, out on the porch, of course.

Last night Dennis N. came over and brought stuff to make yummy,  fruity drinks. His wife Brandy was at a bachelorette party so Dennis figured he’d come over here and have a few drinks.

D's Temporary Mullet

A few drinks turned into several pitchers of delicious, icy beverages that consisted of vanilla rum, vodka, fresh strawberries, lemonade and Welch’s frozen strawberry juice. Dennis and I were already rather tipsy after our first pitcher. That didn’t stop us from making more drinks, however. Mike showed up later in the evening and joined in the festivities. Needless to say, fun was had by all!  🙂


2 responses to “Livin’ It Up!

  1. Where is the pic of me getting my hairs cut?!?!?! YOU HATE ME!!! heheheh [jk]

    I slept thru most of the party, but you guys sure looked like you were having fun when I woke up!! That was great!! 🙂

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