A Second Chance

Overheated and exhausted, I sit here with a sense of accomplishment. This afternoon Mike came over and planted some pretty flowers in the front yard and helped D and me pull weeds and bag them. I ended up getting all into it and even swept the dead leaves off the alcove. Little by little, my home, like myself, is being transformed into something beautiful… and I couldn’t be more thankful.

As I sit here relaxing after doing something productive and now listening to “I Wish the Best for You” by Emerson Hart (my all-time favorite musician), I can’t help but count my blessings. I’ve spent years of my life standing by and watching my life fall apart. My health… my home… my marriage… everything in my life was deteriorating. Now God has given me another chance at life and at finding love someday. I am getting healthy, both physically and mentally, and my marriage has ended amicably, giving both Eddie and me a chance to find the ones we were meant to be with and at the same time still have a friend in each other.

Why can’t we see that there’s
More to love than we’ll ever know
Sometimes you’re closer when you’re
Letting go
I wish the best for you…”

-Emerson Hart


3 responses to “A Second Chance

  1. You’re too kind to me in this post. I pulled like two weeds and then had to go to bed because I was so sore. You guys made the front yard look spectacular, though. šŸ™‚

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