Gone with the Wind Tea

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Scarlett O’Hara in the flesh. There was no time traveling involved, except, perhaps, in the imaginations of dozens of women sharing an enchanted afternoon at Miss Spenser’s Special-Teas.

The tea of the day, “Southern Peach”, was both delicious and fitting for today’s “Gone with the Wind” themed high tea. I decided to be “good” today and used Splenda instead of my usual 2 sugar cubes per cup. It turns out the tea is just as tasty either way, and I still get to use the tiny spoons! Success!

Miss Spenser portrayed the character Scarlett O’Hara with perfect southern charm. She spoke of her love for Ashley Wilkes and her agenda to snatch him away from his fiance. Different quotes from the movie laid next to each place setting and random “GWTW” memorabilia was scattered around the tearoom.

As usual, today’s menu was a delight. The dainty feast started out with “Tara’s Fields of Green Salad”. Next came “Twelve Oaks BBQ Chicken & Slaw” in little filo shells. The third course, one of my personal favorites, was a “Southern Artichoke Toast Point”, followed by my other favorite, “Ellen’s Cucumber Tea Sandwich”. We finished off the bottom of our 3 tiered tray with “Big Sam’s Sweet Potato Biscuit & Country Ham” with cream cheese and apricot jam.

“‘I love you, Ashley’ Scones” with a slight hint of almond adorned the top of our trays and were scrumptious with clotted cream and pear preserves. Next we got started on the middle tier, the desserts. First were “Aunty Pitty Pat’s Pistachio Bites” followed by “Scarlett’s Shortbread Cookies” and finally “Rhett’s Pecan Pie Bars”.

Not surprisingly, fun was had by all. High tea at Miss Spenser’s is always a treat that leaves us wanting more. Today as we left the tearoom to do a bit of thrift shopping, we were already making plans for our next teatime adventure!


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