Seeping Colors

I decided that I want to take some of my handwritten journal entries from the past and put them in this blog. This one is from April of 2005.

I hear the faint melody of wind chimes singing in the crisp night’s breeze as it blows in my window. It’s the “perfect” little moments like this that remind me most of you… like the colors of a sunset seeping through the branches of a tree on the horizon… or watching the sleepy sunrise creep up into the sky, bursting with bright pink and purple and orange.

I like to think of you when rolling hills pass by my eyes as I ride through the countryside. I hear you in the laughter of those I love. I see you every day in myself. I feel you with me as the seasons change and the years go by. I taste your cooking in my own. I smell you in patchouli, lilacs blooming, vanilla, sandalwood… scents that gave you pleasure. I see you in lively and joyful smiles. I will take you with me wherever I go until the day we meet again. I love you, Mom. Love, Jenny


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