Tiaras and Mimosas, Oh My!

A royal wedding does not happen every day, therefore, my friends and I rang it in with style! Mike had D and I over to his and Don’s place for the festivities. We arrived around midnight and Mike had delicious Mimosas and asparagus cheese muffins that Don made waiting for us. We began our little party for 3 by decorating D’s and my tiara’s with pretty gems and hot glue. As our tiaras dried, we admired Mike’s Princess Diana doll that was displayed for the evening and browsed through his Diana scrapbook. Next, we donned our lovely tiaras and watched pre-ceremony chatter followed by the guests arriving. I know it’s been said a million times at least, but can you believe some of those hats?! I was really cracking up at the ones who were wearing their hats on their foreheads! hehe

The regal Lady Michael

Mike didn’t quite make it for the actual wedding ceremony- he fell asleep sitting up in his chair before it started! D and I tried to wake him and he responded with a mumbled, “It’s ok, I’m taping it.” Prince William looked just like a handsome Disney prince and Kate’s dress was so elegant and timeless… simply breathtaking! It was so much fun sitting in our tiaras, sipping our champagne Mimosas with orange juice ice cubes with little strawberry pieces inside while watching history in the making!


5 responses to “Tiaras and Mimosas, Oh My!

  1. Someof those hats were more appropriate for a Lady Gaga wedding especially Princess Beatrice’s!

  2. Jen, It looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends. You are very lucky to have such sweet friends.. and yes Prince Williams looked like a Disney Prince!! Any girls dream Prince.

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