Makin’ Our Way Down to Tennessee

Tomorrow afternoon I am leaving for Clarksville, TN with Laura and her brother-in-law Wally. We are going to visit Laura’s sister Emily and her 2 boys, Cameron and Caleb. I have not finished packing, however, I have written out a list of things to bring, so that will come in handy. I always like to have candy on road trips. Laura and I figured there is nothing wrong with having a little candy as long as we are responsible and count the points. So, I went and bought some low-point candies and portioned them out into ziplock baggies and wrote the points on the bags with a sharpie. We are also bringing roasted red pepper hummus and baby carrots (let’s hope that Laura found a cooler to bring because I certainly have not) and plenty of bottled water. We’ve already decided that for our supper stop tomorrow night we are having Subway. I read today that Subway is having a BOGO footlong sale tomorrow too, which works out rather nicely. I am going to attempt to pack all of my things (except the snacks) in a backpack. We are going to be there until Wednesday, so this should be interesting trying to fit everything in a backpack.

I am just about out of contact solution, so it looks like a walk to the grocery store is in my very near future. Perfect weather for it. Ha. It is freezing outside but I have my air conditioning running. If it weren’t, it would be way too hot and stuffy in here because hardly any of the windows open and there are no screens on either of the doors. Anyway, I had probably better get going to the store before it gets dark and even colder. Then, I shall come home and make roast chicken with potatoes, carrots, onions and chicken broth. Yes, it will be late when I make supper. Don’t judge me. hehe 😉


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