Sprite and Magazines

Mommy & Me

I don’t really have anything to write about tonight. I just feel like blogging, because, well, I like it. Ok? hehe  🙂  I woke up today with a miserable chest cold. I am weazing and gasping and all of that fun stuff. It says that I spelled “weazing” wrong, however, it is not giving me the correct spelling. So, it shall remain as it is. Today has been a rather “blah” day. Nothing exciting to report. I made a comment on Facebook about how I was thinking of not doing dishes anymore. Well, per usual, I broke down and the dishwasher is running at this very moment. Oh well, not exactly a resolve I need or want to stick to.  🙂

Tomorrow Laura and I are going to visit her grandma to help do a little spring cleaning. She is picking me up bright and early, so I really should be in bed. If this coughing and such doesn’t go away soon, I may very well lose my marbles. Considering it all just started today, chances are I am in for the long haul. I want to crawl in bed and sip Sprite and read magazines and watch movies with my mom like when I was sick as a child. She would always bring home Sprite and magazines. So, to this day, even as a 29 year old woman, I wish I could have Sprite and magazines… but, more importantly, I’d trade all the Sprite and magazines and movies in the world to have my mom back.


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