Teatime in the Secret Garden

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a grand tea party with some dear loved ones. The tea was held in a lovely little tearoom in New Virginia, IA called Miss Spenser’s Special Teas. This was my second visit to Miss Spenser’s, my first having been last year’s Christmas tea, “Teatime with Mrs. Cratchit”, based on Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.

The theme for our most current tea adventure was “Teatime in the Secret Garden”. Miss Spenser’s portrayal of Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of “The Secret Garden”, was delightful. She donned a beautiful dress that she had sewn from a 1919 pattern. Frances told of a bond that she had developed with a robin one summer and how that relationship impacted her life and inspired her robin character in “The Secret Garden”.

The menu was just as delectable as the Yorkshire Blend loose-leaf tea (I take mine with 2 sugar cubes and a splash of milk. Yum!). The first course was “Misselthwaite Strawberry Soup”, followed by “Colin’s Cucumber Tea Sandwich” (my personal favorite), “Mary’s Sundried Tomato on Toast”, “Martha’s Egg Salad on Rye”, and then “Dicon’s Blackberry Turkey Croissant”. After that we had our “Yorkshire Scones” with rose jelly and clotted cream. Next we started in on the dessert tray. First we had “Ben’s Chocolate Strawberry Bars”, then “Robin’s Nest Buttercream Cookies” and finally “Orange Blossom Teacakes”. We savored every single bite and were left feeling very satisfied.

Spending this special time with family and friends enjoying delicious tea, delicacies and tearoom theater was an experience of a lifetime and I am so very much looking forward to our next tea party!


One response to “Teatime in the Secret Garden

  1. I don’t see me in that picture. Oh that’s right, I WASN’T INVITED!!

    Yup, I see who you really love.

    Do your readers hate me yet? 🙂


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