Movie Night Sleepover at Laura’s

Today has been fun. I hung out with D and Eddie for a little while this afternoon. Then I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus downtown to meet up with Laura. While I was at the bus stop D showed up because I’d forgotten to get the free 4 piece tenders BK coupon. She walked 4 blocks in the rain to bring it to me. How sweet is that?  🙂

I arrived at the BK downtown around 4:40pm and had the chicken tenders with honey mustard and talked to Laura on the phone while she walked there from Nationwide to meet me. Then we walked through the skywalks back to her place. Josh is out of town so it was just Laura and me. When we got here we made a yummy casserole out of chicken, rice, peppers, onions, enchilada sauce, cheese & corn. While we waited for that to cook we went to Dos Rios and got a to-go order of chips and guacamole. It is such an incredible feeling to be able to treat yourself and still stay within your points!

So, as the title of this suggests, tonight was a movie night. First we watched “Miss Potter”, a true story about the life of Beatrix Potter. It is a beautiful and tragic love story. Then we sat and talked for a while before watching “Flight 93”, a movie about the plane on 9-11 where the passengers took down the terrorist hijackers. When the movie ended, Laura said, “Well, that was depressing.” I concur.

Now Laura is sleeping and I am attempting to type all stealthy ninja quiet-like as not to wake her. I’m chatting with friends on Facebook and playing “Truth” with my sister Emilee via text. It’s like Truth or Dare, minus the “Dare” part. So, that is my day in a nutshell.

I have recently acquired somewhat of an obsession with the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. They are going to be playing at 80/35 (a local indie music festival) this year and I am hoping to be able to go. I haven’t listened to their other stuff much yet, but judging by the vibe of this one song, I’m betting they put on a killer live show. I am also hoping to be able to see Tonic in July in either O’Fallon, MO or Crystal Lake, IL but chances are that finances won’t allow it.

I usually never stay up this late when I am over here. Guess I’m just having fun blogging.  🙂  I am getting sleepy but Emilee and I are having a serious conversation now. I told her I wished I could somehow spare all of my little sisters (and all loved ones) from pain. She replied, “If we didn’t go through pain and anger then we would be clueless about everything. That’s the only way we can learn things.” Very wise, grasshoppa. Very wise.


4 responses to “Movie Night Sleepover at Laura’s

  1. Eh, I needed my exercise. 🙂 I just knew that I would have been so very, very sad if I was looking forward to some free chicken tenders and then didn’t have the coupon. I didn’t want you to have to be sad like that. 🙂

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